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Eco Life

Ecothrive Charge

For best results, mix it into your potting media at 2%, then apply as a top dressing every 4 weeks.

As base: Mix at 2% (1L of Charge per 50L of media), moisten then leave for 24 hours

As top dressing: Add 7.5 – 15g per 10L pot

Watering in: Add 30 – 60g per 10L of water, water to run off and repeat every 4 weeks

Charge isn’t totally water soluble but you can use it as a foliar spray by creating an extract:

Foliar: Mix1–2g per L of water for 1min, stand for 15mins, mix again (use within 24hrs)

Ecothrive Biosys

To ensure powder is dissolved, start by making a concentrate (e.g. mix 10g with 100ml of water until the powder has dissolved, then mix in with the rest of the water)

Propagation and potting on: 10g per 10L of water

Established plants (soil, coco & hydro): 5g per 10L of water

Recirculating hydro systems: 2.5g per 10L of water

Stress recovery: 10g per 10L of water

It is recommended to use Rox between days 21-35 of flowering, however many growers have had fantastic results by deviating from these guidelines, have an experiment with times and doses and we are sure that either way you shall be very impressed.

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